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Monday, April 10, 2006

aiyoooooooo............im soo bored! i dont understand how i used to be able to come on9 for 5 or 6 hrs straight almost everyday last year b4 my modem got strucked by lightning.. and now it's been only 30 mins since i came on9 and im rotting from boredom already = ( and till today i still get teased from panda.. almost everytime he sees me on9, he'll say "modem havent kena fried?" and he's not the only one ok! STOP cursing me la wei.. i dont want my 3rd modem of the yr to kena fry again! >= (

Incase u havent know, ive been suffering from EXTREME BODY ACHE since last tuesday! But it was mainly cuz of netball training with sempurna under some professional coach.. Damn, she's frigging good but strict! The training that sri sempurna go thru is seriously CRAZYY! It's 1000000000000X harder than cempaka's netball training! It's no wonder that they won first place in msskl! The duckwalk, frog jumps and all! The worst part is, for every single mistake we do, we'll get punished by doing push ups! I did like frigging 52 push ups during the training today! nvr done so much push ups in an hr in my whole life! Not only that, she yells and screams alot at us too.. but in a way, its good to get us really focused and serious while playing =) i doubt i can still walk tmr but there's still training! oh god help me!

guys... incase u havent any idea what to buy me for my birthday.. im here to give u some ** hints***.. i WANT and DEFINITELY NEED a super high tech electric wheel chair! I'm sure i can hardly walk after all these trainings for netball and handball interzone is over... so I'll be most grateful to receive that! =D heehee! Oh besides that, i want this handbag from ROXY too which is leathery brown! See, i'm so nice.. saving u guys from cracking ur brains to think of what to buy for me =D
> btw, i always wonder, im exercising so often now like almost everyday.. imagine after all the interzone competitions are over, i wont get to involve myself much in physical activities and my metabolism rate will surely slow down.. plus i'll have to sit my butt flat everyday to focus on studies! I'll surely put on weight rite? and of course i'll tend to eat more while studying to release stress rite? Oh noooo! my dear frens, pls help me control myself a month from now! haha.. ok ok that's it for today.. toodles peeps!

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

u know.. its amazing how one can dream of extremely silly dreams! especially someone very un-silly like me! =P haha i dont knw why but i always have the tendency to dream of weird illogical dreams! here's a convo of me telling one of my dreams to jie xing.. haha

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
what u dreamt about?

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
dono la abt me

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
starying over in someone's hse

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
then suddenly the condo opposite my frens condo was on fire

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
then suddenly my frens condo caught on fire too

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
then then

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and the floor below the floor we're staying in is actually an old folk's home

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
what the

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
then what happen

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
so we were all rushing down to save our own lives but i rmmbr i selamba selamba there packing my valuables.. and u know since the floor below is old folk's home

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
they cant run fast

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
so they all got trapped in the fire

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
then all old people died?

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and then we got into this carousel near the condo.. to dono go where

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and there were like 3 of us in the carousel which can actulaly fit 9 ppl

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and suddenly halfway thru 6ghosts of old man and women

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
from the old folks home appeared in the empty spaces

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and they were scolding us for not helping them get out in time

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
oh god

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
then my mum shoo-ed them off

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
then we went into this lift

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
? where did ur mom come?

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }ymonkey says:
which moves sideways instead of up and down

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
i dono where my mum came from oso! haha

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
okay continue

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
the lift came to this place by the beachside and can see alot of dead bodies lying down

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
suddenly got spirits in the lift together with us

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and suddenly there's a HUGE swamp of bees came and bang our lift and it was swaying in the air!

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
then the spirits in the lift disappearred

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
and i forgot the rest of my dreams

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:

{ ħט¦ έπפּ }monkey says:
weird rite

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
so freaky

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
can turn into movie

- xiNgLet - Nothing can mend a broken heart, it heals itself and overcome. says:
very crzy

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

YOOOO peeepz! I'm backk! haha after how long man. i was kinda lazy to blog earlier but i was kinda bored cuz there's nothing to do on9! ive been craving to have my internet back again for almost 3 months now that i finally got it back, i have absolutely nothing to do on9! where's everybody else.. =(
Actually i could use my net since monday but unfortunately, i was soo happy on9-ing i didnt realise it was raining.. and it got struck again! and summore it was a BRAND NEW modem! argh! so i got it repaired and cud go on9 again on weds, but guess what ?! on thurs it got struck by lightning again when i was out for games carnival! sucks doesnt it? I think i shud really learn what "once bitten twice shy" really means.. =( It's like im fated to not go on9! aih! =( maybe it's a warning from God that i shouldn't go on9 or something bad might happen. Actually, does anyone still read my blog? haha its kinda dead already...
I hate form 5! The amount of workload and responsibilities sucks! Sometimes it's just so stressful i feel like giving up but thanks to the motivation from my beloved friends and family i didnt. thanks guys! =D
OOOh btw, i have some cool pics to show u guys! =D i sat on this rollercoaster when i was in taiwan.. it was soooo super scary! 90 degrees drop and we went on it twice in a row! i sooo wanna do it again! =D its actually much higher than that but i cudnt take the top part of it.. hehe

awwww... isnt's she just sooo adorable? =) She's my cousin in taiwan and she's only 2yrs old but she talks ALOT! She's just sooo noisy and lovable i missss herrr! ='( cant wait to go back to taiwan.. the icy-cold breeze! yummmy! =D haha

Kla that's it for today.. im too lazy to type cuz my whole body's aching like nuts! Thanks to netball ystrday! hehe so bye peepz! happy games carnival-ing everyone and


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Monday, January 30, 2006

yooooooooooo peeeeepz! im in taiwan already~ and its been a month since i last updated my blog! Thanks to my stupid streamyx acc~ i wonder if it still exist... so dumb la.. its soo suffocating for someone who's addicted 2 the net to not be able to use it!

By the way, i made a HUGEEE discovery last night! the ULTRA HOT super model some guys my class are crazy over, LIN CHI LING is 34 yrs old this yr! WOAHHH man.. she looks like she's only in her early twenties! fuhh! anywayz i g2g for buffet lunch edi! ciaozz! I'll try to get some nice souvenirs back for u guys okiez? ;) ciaoz ppl! I'll miss you guysss! especially those i sms alot back in kl now i cant do it 2 much here or my bill will explode although my mum said "jUST DO all u want, as long as ure happy!" =) haha i feel so spoilt!


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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Guess what, i slept at 11pm last night! On Christmas Eve! Can't blame me cuz i was really tired! i babysat 2 small kids whole day~! N i think im losing my voice! I must've slept so early i cant sleep anymore! And it's only 7 in the morning! This is the first time i actually felt something for xmas! haha but too bad my family doesnt celebrate xmas! =(

So anyways, im lazy to blog more so here it is,


oh btw, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS, love ya! =D

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Friday, December 23, 2005

heyy ppl i guess i got my blogging mood back again~! wheee... i just woke up from a 4 hrs nap.. sooo drowsy now.. i feel like going back to sleep again! U know what, i feel soo empty! My phone line's been cut off since my dad cudnt find the phone bill =( I havent talked on the phone for daysss! Feels soo weirdd. And all the minor phone calls i'll have to use my hp.. so expensive! =( Hope i wudnt reach my mum's credit limit and cut off both our hp lines!

Anyways, Congrats to those PMR students!! I'm so proud of u guys! haha

So anywayz, as i told u, we went to watch A Chinese Tall Story. OMG i tell u, that show is sooo fake! And it was cinema no4 that we went into.. it smells like stinky sweaty socks and the aircond isnt working!
The only nice part of the movie was Charlene Choi's character and the super hot monkey god. She's sooo funny and adorable, she sure did make us all crack up! lol. And i didnt know the Tong Sam Zhong aka the monkey's sifu is actually called TRIPITAKA. I always learn that in SEJ abt Kitab Tripitaka! So cool! =D now i can finally relate my history to the journey to the west story to help me rmmbr details!

-The super HOT monkey god-

Sadly the movie was just too much of fantasy n we cudnt stand the fake-ness. So we left the cinema 30 mins into the show. We ran into the cinema nxt door which's just started another show! lucky us! phew! and it was the promise!

Cecilia Cheung played the hot princess whom every single men adore and the soldiers cud even betray their country to see her strip! Beauty is powerful! haha But at the beginning of the show she had far too much make up on i cudnt even recognise her! And it wasnt her original coarse voice either. The whole show was in mandrin!

There was Nicholas Tse also! He's soooo CUTEE! AHHHHH! but he acted damn gay in the movie.. haha but nvm.. still leng chai ;) Although the movie is sorta like fake too but its more real compared to A Chinese Tall Story.

Have you guys ever feel really lonely and silent at home and wish you have a bigger family with ur aunts and uncles and grandma all living together with u? For those of u who have, becareful of what u wish for! U might not like it at all if it comes true! You guys should really appreciate the silence and privacy u get!

Having a big family aint fun at all! Invasion of privacy always happens! Especially with my aunt around. I know i shudnt be bitching abt her but i just cant stand it! And i have no diary to write in, so im here at my blog! I hate it everytime when i come home wth plastic bag, She'd be peeking thru the bag or come and touch my shopping bags to see what ive bought. Hey its none of her business rite?

And everytime i go out with frens and if she's supposd to pick me up and she see a guy with me.. UH-OH major problem! She assumes that if i mix with a guy, he must be my bf and blablabla. So KOLOT! Hasnt she ever talked to guys when she was young? GAWWWDD!

For those of u who came to my house b4, im sure u know who im talking abt! Yes yes yes the one who's quite childish and is really up-to-date. She buys all the Latest Gadgets like PS2, latest phone, latest movies, this and that! Yeah i know some of u guys must be thinking im damn lucky, dont have to buy my own PS and PSgames.. but hey im not materialistic ok!

And recently, my dad just entered our whole family into the BUKIT JALIL GOLF AND COUNTRY RESORT. My dad bought 3 memberships. BTW, fyi, my aunt's still not married and she's my dad's sis. So my dad gave 2 memberships to my 2 uncles and 1 for himself. The membership is automatically applied to the member's immediate family. Those with common sense obviously can tell its more worth it if the membership is paid for a family of 6 instead of paying the same price for 1! And since my aunt is single and hates keeping fit, my dad thought "why waste money on a single membership who wudnt use most of the facilities in the clubhouse? If she really wants to go, we can bring her as guest and pay for her!"

We explained that to her, but she just cant understand what we're trying to tell her. She got jealous and started calling up my uncles, grandma, and my mum to complain at least 3 times a day! HELLO, THEY ALL HAVE TONNES OF WORK TO DO OK! but of course she dare not call my dad, cuz she's really really scared of him. She always pisses my dad off and since my dad is a hot tempered person, he always threatens to beat her up! I rmmbr there was once he shouted "CHAO CHEE BAI, LU GO CHUT SIA WAH LIA DOH LAI ZAM LU AH!"(^&$*$^&#^, ONE MORE WORD FROM YOU AND I'LL CHOP U OFF WITH KNIVE!) My dad isnt even half as fierce to me! I'd normally be the one who shouts at him. OOPS! haha And everyday she will come and tell me "aiya come to think of it i dont exercise much what for i go to clubhouse? when u guys go club house i go stay over in frens house la!" in a very "boh-song" manner. AND YET, she still go on complaining how come she doesnt get a membership too! GOD BLESS HER la wei.

That's only PART of her problem, or shall i say my problem with her? Her thinking is like worse than a kid's! I'm really not exaggerating, even my std 4 cousin acts more matured than her! She's always very suspicious and one thing i really dont understand abt her? She treats those who treat her bad very well, but she's extremely mean to those who treats her well!

How weird is that? She's always shouting and accusing my mum when my mum's like super nice to her, always helping her out when my dad's abt to ROARR at her. And it was also my mum and her mum(my grandma) who persuaded my dad to buy her new car! And yet, she's always rude and nvr appreciates my grandmum and my mum. But there's this another aunt who doesnt treat her well and play hard to get, and she actually WORSHIPS her! The meaner u are to her, the nicer she'll be to you! I've asked my mum "Why do u treat her so well when she acts so big and rude in front of u?" But my mum said she'll nvr be mean to my aunt! Sighh.. soo tai fong. In this type of situation, pn siti's quote of "buat baik dibalas kebaikan" seriously doesnt apply!

And she's always comparing herself to me! It's just sooo annoying! She'd be telling me, "oh u know im getting skinnier already, look at my legs damn skinny! and my face damn sharp! Unlike u, ur face so round." OMG.. i know i have round face la. I have my own mirror ok. So pls shuddup! She's always going around telling ppl she aint fat and all, wait till u see her la.

Since she's single, my grandmum has always been really worried that she'll become lou gu poh. So there were many matchmaking attempts that my mum set up for her! And it all turned out bad! My mum even asked help from my grandmum in taiwan to help her find for a husband ok. But when she saw him in taiwan she went like "AIYER, he's so short, so poor so ugly, summore so fat. He cant match me la.. im tai sui cheh so rich if my fren know i marrry him, i lose face ok!" And she came home complaining that my mum has bad taste and blablabla. And she got told off by my grandmum for her behaviour, she went totally NUTS she threathened to commit suicide! Yeah rite she'll ever do it la. Since young, she's been telling me "eh hui eng, go buy me a coffin ok. I'm gonna jump off the building and show u guys" either that or she'll say she'll crash her car and blablabla.

Anywayz, enough of complaining lah. I dont wanna spoil my own mood! U wanna know more, come to my hse and experience her for urself! or come ask me urself. I'm going to the clubhouse fr badminton with wai yeap and swimming with my cousin so i really wanna be in a good mood! hehe so that's it for today guys, byeeee!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I woke up this morning with the sudden urge to blog so here i am! =D hehe Sorry, i've been very very lazy over the past few days.

Today's the Tong Yuen Day! whee! spent whole night rolling balls.. soo fun! I was powdery white by the end of the night! =P Anywayz, have you guys actually counted the days till our hols end?? There's only 11 more days! And I havent even started the HUGE PILE of hw! >.<

Well, i was thinking abt starting a mini group to do hw! At least i'll have more motivation to do stuff! hehe Anyone care to join me? ;) And we definitely have to do it somewhere without distractions!

Before i forget, GOOD LUCK TO THE F3s today!! =) I'm sure u'll all do well, i have faith in you guys! =D

On Dec14, I went to Times Square for King Kong! I was sooo excited, thinking abt how cool it'd be watching king kong 3D for RM15 only! So dumb lah, only when i was buying my tix that i realise its only 2D! No wonder the ticket only costs 15 bucks! Oh well, we got to watch king kong on a screen 5 times bigger than a normal cinema screen though! hehe

For those who havent watched King Kong, GO WATCHH! It's soooo goood my eyes were glued to the screen the whole 3hrs 8mins! and not to forget the super hot naomi too! I was reallly really impressed with the settings in SKULL ISLAND late at night where naomi was first captured by the SAKAIs. those Sakais are FREAKKKY SHITZ wei!

AHHH! look at him! Bergaya-nya!! haha oh and have u guys noticed, he has nostrils in the shape of heart! lol i told li hong that and everytime she sees king kong, his heart-shaped nose will be the first thing she look at! =p

As some of u know, I went to Genting with Li Hong and her family. It was really fun! I soo love the view and weather up there. I really miss Genting! We spent alot of time watching tv there! haha At around midnight, we went to COFFEE BEAN to recharge since i fell asleep and was reallly dead! Then after the coffee, we both ran uphill to First World Hotel. It feels really good running in the cold surrounding! We didnt wanna go in at all! =( The nxt day, we only had 2 hrs to spend in the theme park. It was really really foggy that day and SOLERO SHOT was sooooooo fun! Look at us in the life jacket, paddling, it was super tiring! Trust me, those life jackets stinks like shittt! It smells like all the BO mix together, yeah i know i know, i smelt it. so what? =p

There're lots more minor stuff that i did. But im just too lazy to blog abt it. So just ask me if u wanna know! =) Anywayz, im going to MV later to watch A Chinese Tall Story with josh and hon sen! whee! well, That's it for now, I have to go get ready and pack! Have fun peepz! Make full use of the last 11 days of hols! tooodles! =)

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Hey Peepps! I'm back again! Here's a short update on what I did the whole week. It's been a pretty busy week for me! Except for today.. although i had acc tuition in the morning and piano in the evening.. But heck, i got to rest at home.. lie my butt flat on the sofa and watch tv! It's totally heavenly! ^^
Had Accounts in the morning as usual. As usual, there's Collin and CK acting silly and Darren talking nonstop, and me being the angelic one(of course!), Sheila being teacher's fav and Ro Wern being ro wern-ish. Typical acc class. Really. Hehe time passed pretty fast as i had something to look forward to! Lunch with my super old mates. One was my std 2 classmate(Xiao Ting) and the other was std3 classmate(Jin Mei). After soooo many yrs of not seeing Xiao Ting although we live 5 mins away from one another, we met again in MSSSKL netball and since then i've been bumping into her really really often! I guess that meeting during MSSKL had really triggered our fate!

After lunch with them, i went for grocery shopping! Wheeeeee! And i loaded my mini fridge with loadds of drinks and chocs! Yummmmmmy! Bought some coffee too, incase i need some boost in the morning of acc tuition day!


Woke up feeling really good today! Firstly, it's cuz there's No acc today! But it aint a day too free for me either! My dad's KOI fishes from Korea came! KOI fishes are my dad's fav pet!

Pretty aren't they? hehe and they repainted the whole fish pond for the fishes... Including the mini water fall too... But i seriously didn't like the colour! It's such a FAKE shade of brown for rocks! Look at it!! Dont u guys think so?

Had piano class in the morning then dance class in the afternoon! Followed Mei Yen back to stayover after the dance class. We spent the whole afternoon watching tv, and laughing over nothing! haha OoH! Then for dinner *drum rolls* We went to Hilton PJ for jap dinner! The food there was soo good i cant wait to go back there! haha

Something really funnny happened! haha when the waiter was carrying a bowl of udon in super hot soup, he accidentally spilled some soup on Mei Yen. Omg, she gave this SUPER DUPER PIERCING SCREAM! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! The whole restaurant went completely silent and turned to look at us! Haha her scream got us free green tea ice cream as compensation though. So it was quite worth the embarassment =) After that incident, we were just laughing our way throughout the whole dinner!

When we went home that night, we decided to watch Corpse Bride on DVD. That movie is just sooo damn boring! I fell asleep halfway! **Yawn** For those of u who havent watch it. DONT EVER.


Mei Yen and i woke up really early. Went for handball with the seniors at Sports Unlimited. It was pretty fun but tiring! Too long without exercise... No more Stamina! =( After handball, i had to go for acc tuition summore! =( super tiring! Acc class was so stressful i broke into cold sweat! fuh!


Woke up at 7 sharp this morning! For what? yup u got it right. Acc class again! It's such a torture having to be awake when most of my friends are still snoring away in their bed! =( After tuition a few of us rushed to 1u by taxi. Watched The Fog and Narnia! One after another. Ate at yoshinoya and no offence, but the food there sux! The price's just so not reasonable!

The Fog was not bad! There were only these 2 couples, and the 6 of us in the whole cinema! We could scream and laugh as loud we wanted, and sat wherever we wanted! Cud even put our legs up on the chair! This time, there's no one around to tell us off for screaming! WOOOHOO! =D

Narnia was reallllly boring for me. It's far tooo draggy for my liking! Unfortunately, i slept through the peak of the movie, so i missed out all the important part like when Aslan first appeared and how winter suddenly turned into summer. I slept for a good half an hour! The whole movie's around 2.5 hrs! *yawnn!* Or probably it's just cuz my eyes were too tired. B4 the movie started, my contacts started to feel really itchy i had to take them out and watch the movie half-blind. I tried to put them back after the movie but it HURT soo much my eyes went all red and i started tearing! People in the toilet were staring at me. I'd probably looked like i was crying! lol.

Ok that's about it. Toodles!


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Haha guess what? I just ate PETAI for dinner! I don't understand how some of u find it so gross? It's just soo yummy! And it does wonders to our body! Look at the pic.. so mouth watering! =D
I did some research on google and wow im amazed! Petai's more beneficial than i can ever imagine! I'm here to change all u anti-petai peeps' mind today! =D

Research showed that just two servings of petai provide enough ENERGY for a strenuous 90-minute workout. Athletes out there, read this! haha FUTSAL here i come!! At least if the ball doesnt come to me tmr, i'll get the ball from keeping other players away by letting out a HUGE FART! ;) muahahaha!

For girls : to cure PMS (premenstrual syndrome), Forget the pink pills - eat petai. The vitamin B6 it contains regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood. Or guys, if u cant stand ur girl's pms-y mood, bring her to a thai restaurant and order a dish of petai!

Wooot! Petai cures constipation too! For students out there, apparently Petai makes u more alert and boosts ur brain power! I think im gonna stock up on Petai and eat Petai 3 servings a day at least 2 months b4 my spm nxt yr! Incase i forget, my dear friends, pls set ur hp reminder on end of august "06 to remind me aite? That's what friends are for, rite? ^^

That's not all, there're loads more but it's gonna be so boring if i type 'em all here. I'm sure u all know how to use google rite? =)

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Here's another one i came across! We can actually start using them to chat on msn or sms! haha
Need to describe your ass or someone else's over the Internet but want it to be visual? Well, how about some "assicons"? Here goes:

(_!_) A regular ass

(__!__) A fat ass

(__)(__) A "wide load" ass

(!) A tight ass

(_*_) A sore ass

{_!_} A swishy ass

(_o_) An ass that's been around

(_x_) Kiss my ass

(_X_) Leave my ass alone

(_zzz_) A tired ass

(_E=mc2_) A smart ass

(_?_) Dumb ass

(_Lame_) Lame ass

(_jack_) Jackass

(_-$_) Cheap ass

(_____)__) Lop sided ass

(_:_) 2 holed ass

(_O_) Cavernous ass (an ass that's REALLY been around)

(_)U(_) Fucked ass

( * * ) Ass with dimples

(_X X_) A kicked ass

(_$_) A rich ass

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